Making impact investing mainstream, with the Nordics as a leading global hub for fostering and investing in impact startups

There is a rapidly increasing interest for impact investing in the world and thus a rising need for education and facilitation around impact investing in the Nordics. Our goal is to help direct more capital towards impact tech ventures, to educate and demystify impact investing including the opportunity for attractive financial returns.


We further believe that the Nordics have an important and understated role to play. Based on the positive momentum of the Nordics - including successful start-ups - investors are looking for profitable ventures that offer solutions to real world problems that can address the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

NIIN’s goal is to connect, educate and facilitate the conversation that recognises the investment and business opportunity associated with solving the grand challenges that we face.

To do this NIIN connects an emerging and fragmented impact investor ecosystem across the Nordic countries. NIIN is being grown to offer the investor community a platform to network, inspire and educate each other. The ultimate aim is to establish an effective network that foster investments into the increasing amount of impact tech founders in the Nordics.

The State of Impact is a globally distributed booklet on the current state of impact-tech and investing in the Nordics.

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